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Canary Orchid Planter

Canary Orchid Planter

105.500 BD

A yellow colour orchid planter in a clay pot. The plants are arranged with a moss cover - there is no drainage hole and care should be taken when watering. 

Orchids add a touch of elegance to any space.


  • Height: approx 45 CM
  • Width: approx 40 CM
  • Pot Height: 12 CM 

General Care Instructions:

  • For more detailed care instructions check out this write-up on keeping your orchid plant happy!
  • Water: Phalaenopsis orchids should only be watered once the potting medium (the stuff around the roots in the pot) becomes dry to the touch. Poke a finger into the potting medium and if it’s dry give your plant some water—otherwise leave it be.
  • Light: Orchid plants want to be in a bright spot without direct sunlight. These guys can get sunburnt! Your plant’s leaves will tell you if it’s getting optimal light. In general orchid leaves should be bright green and not a deep dark green.

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