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Aglaonema Diamond Bay

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

30.400 BD

Aglaonema is a highly decorative variegated plant. It is one of the most popular houseplants because of its hardy nature and an excellent air purifier! This plant comes in a pot with a tray as pictured.


  • Plant Size: Approximately 55 CM high x 20-30 CM wide
  • Each plant is unique and can have a height and leaf size variation from the website image.

Ideal For:

  • Plant enthusiasts
  • Humid locations: next to other plants or in well ventilated and lit bathroom or kitchen

    General Care Instructions

    • Light: Variegated Aglaonema requires bright indirect light to maintain the colour of its leaves. The plant should not be exposed to direct light.
    • Water: Water sparingly but frequently to keep the soil moist but not soggy. 
    • Notes: Aglaonema thrives in a warm and humid environment and would enjoy being clustered with other plants. This plant would not do well in a drafty location. 

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