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Alocasia "Elephant Ear"
Alocasia "Elephant Ear"
Alocasia "Elephant Ear"

Alocasia "Elephant Ear"

45.500 BD

This Alocasia is also affectionately known as "Elephant Ear" because of its wonderful gigantic-sized heart-shaped leaves.  


  • Plant: 90 CM High, 65 CM Wide
  • Pot: 25 CM Width
  • This is a sizeable plant that needs space to grow

Ideal for

  • Minimalist but spacious locations. 

General Care Instructions

  • Light: This plant will enjoy a well-lit spot with bright indirect light. It cannot tolerate low-light conditions.
  • Water: Elephant ears enjoy a moist but not soggy potting medium as well as a humid environment. The potting medium should be moist to the touch before the next watering. This plant will also enjoy an occasional misting.
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