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Aspen Collection - Seasonal Garland
Aspen Collection - Seasonal Garland
Aspen Collection - Seasonal Garland

Aspen Collection - Seasonal Garland

25.000 BD

A winter-wonderland inspired festive garland featuring cotton balls, pine cones, frosted leaves and seasonal foliage!

Description:  Half or One Meter pre-made garland. The garland is made of fresh seasonal foliage (nobilis branches) with additional dried and everlasting decorations as pictured. There is no water source and you should expect this piece to dry over time. It will drop leaves and become thinner as it dries.

This garland is made with wire and fresh leaves. The wire can cause scratches to surfaces and fresh garland leaves may have sap that can transfer. Always protect your surfaces with additional backing if you are concerned!

Styling Notes:  This is pre-made garland is a wonderfully versatile way to add seasonal foliage to your space! The featured images are for a 1M garland. 

  • Table centerpiece. Scatter votive candles or tapers alongside the garland for extra warmth!
  • Mantle piece.
  • Staircase or Bannister Decor. It can be attached to your bannister handle at the edges to create a "bunting-style" garland or attached flat for a fuller look.
  • Door Decor. Hang from your front door vertically or at the edges to create a festive entrance!

*Fine Print*: Pictures shown are recent examples of an actual arrangement that we designed and sent out to a customer just like you! Please note that if a flower pictured is unavailable for any reason, we will substitute this for a flower of the same or higher monetary value and in a similar style and colour. Please note, as with all natural products, there may be slight variances in color. 

As of Jan 2, 2020 All Listed Prices are Inclusive of 5% VAT (Value Added Tax).