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Cactus Duo
Cactus Duo
Cactus Duo

Cactus Duo

13.000 BD

A collection of 2 petite and adorable colourful cactus plants in small clay pots. The plants are in their existing plastic pots and these have been placed directly into the clay pots. 


  • Plant Height: Ranges between 14-15 CM
  • Pot Width: 6 CM

Ideal For

  • Bright Spaces

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Ideally it should be placed in a bright spot with indirect light. This plant should receive at least 6 hours of indirect light daily.
  • Water: Do not water until the soil has dried out. Watering about 1/4 cup about every 3-4 weeks and only when the pot feels light when lifted! Less is always more!

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