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Calathea Amargis in Terra Pot

Calathea Amargis in Terra Pot

15.500 BD

Another Calathea to add to your collection! These plants love friends!! The Calathea plant follows natures rhythm, and its leaves fold upwards and downwards depending on the time of day.

The plant is delivered as pictured in a textured terra pot The plant is in its original plastic pot and is removable from the decorative container. 

Pro Tip: Grouping your plants creates a humid
environment which calatheas enjoy!


  • Height: Approx 25 CM 
  • Plant Width: Approx 25 CM 
  • Pot Width: Approx 13 CM

Ideal for

  • A doting plant parent
  • Spots with low to medium light and abundant humidity

General Care Instructions

  • Light: A shaded spot is ideal. Direct sun will burn the leaves.
  • Water: Allow the top soil to dry before watering but do not let the potting medium to go completely dry. Little but often is a good watering strategy for this plant! The plant will require less water in winter versus summer. 
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