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Calathea Sanderiana

Calathea Sanderiana

22.500 BD

The Calathea plant follows natures rhythm, and its leaves fold upwards and downwards depending on the time of day! This is a smaller calathea plant and makes a fantastic statement house plant. There is colour variation to the leaves (light green to dark green) and stripes (pink to cream). The plant has been potted directly into a dark pot with a tray.

We love this plants large glossy green leaves with it's
pink fish-bone-like stripe. 


  • Approx 45-50 CM high.
  • Approx 25-35 CM wide (plant width)
  • Pot Width 16 CM
  • Each plant is unique and can have a height and leaf size variation from the website image. 

Ideal for:

  • Plant enthusiasts! Calatheas enjoy being grouped with their own kind.
  • A doting plant parent
  • Humid locations with diffused light.

General Care Instructions: 

  • Light: This variegated Calatheas needs a spot with diffused light. Do not expose the plant to strong direct light as it will burn the leaves and cause the plants unique markings to fade.
  • Water: This plant enjoys a regular watering schedule. Calatheas enjoy damp soil and you should never let the potting medium dry out. Do not allow the plant to sit in water either. We recommend little and often as a watering strategy! To water, we suggest removing your plant from the ceramic pot to water it and allow the water to fully drain out, before placing it back in it's ceramic pot. 
  • Notes: Calatheas enjoy high humidity and do not tolerate drafty locations. This plant can be misted regularly. If the leaves get dusty, wipe down with a damp cloth

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