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Coffea Arabica Plant

Coffea Arabica Plant

12.700 BD

The coffea arabica plant has small glossy leaves and we find it to be particularly hardy as a plant! The plant comes with a white concrete pot. The plant is in its original nursery pot and is removable from the concrete pot.

Styling Tip: We love this potted plant placed on a couple of books on a shelf.


  • Coffee Plant:  Approx 25 CM High, 15 CM Wide

Ideal for

  • Anyone looking to add a pop of green to their collection!
  • A Coffee Lover

General Care Instructions

  • Light: It enjoys bright indirect light. 
  • Water: The soil should never be allowed to dry out. When watering make sure there is no extra water collected at the bottom of the ceramic pot. Water frequently (2-3days) with small amounts of water keeping soil evenly moist.
  • Notes: These plants do not tolerate drafty spots!

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