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Fishbone Cactus (Epiphyllum Anguliger)

Fishbone Cactus (Epiphyllum Anguliger)

28.220 BD

Fishbone cactus (also known as Epiphyllum Anguliger) in a decorative white pot. The plant has been planted directly into the pot. The leaves of the plant grow upright and as they grow longer, they trail downwards. 

The plant originates from the moist and humid rainforest and not from the dry desert, like most cacti!


  • Plant Height: Approx 35 CM
  • Plant Width: Approx 25 CM
  • Pot Width: 15 CM

Ideal For

  • Bright Spaces

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Ideally it should be placed in a bright spot with indirect light.
  • Water: Keep the soil lightly moist but not soggy. Water frequently but sparingly to maintain good moisture in the soil. Let top soil dry out before watering.
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