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Flapjack Succulent in a Glazed Pot

Flapjack Succulent in a Glazed Pot

17.000 BD

A stunning flapjack succulent in a glazed pot with a terra base! These beautiful plants are grown in Bahrain, and crafted by Xenia Cueto of IG @Xenia.succulents. 

Care instructions by Xenia below - for detailed care instructions check out our blog post on 
succulent care.

Locally grown beauties!

Size: Height 25 CM, width approx 16 CM. 

    General Care Instructions

    In general succulents like bright light, cool temperatures, low humidity, and infrequent but generous watering.

    • Light: Bright indirect sunlight is best for succulents. All arrangements should be kept in bright indirect sunlight or filtered sunlight. Succulents will burn in direct light! These plants have a temperature tolerance of between 8-25C and will not do well outdoor in Bahrain's hot summers.
    • Water: Approx every 2-3 weeks, or if you notice the bottom leaves shrivelling. 
    • Watering Notes: How often you water depends on the warmth of your environment.

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