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Herb Topiary
Herb Topiary
Herb Topiary
Herb Topiary

Herb Topiary

26.500 BD

Rosemary Herb Topiary! This stunning Rosemary topiary comes in a stunning grey ceramic pot with a moss covering.


  • Height: Approx 65 CM 
  • Width: Approx 26 CM

Ideal for

  • Devoted Indoor Gardeners!
  • Bright Light

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Herb plants require a bright spot that receives a minimum of 6 hours of light daily.  In Winter months in Bahrain (Dec- March) the plant can be kept outdoors as well. 
  • Water: Herbs plants need to be watered regular schedule every 7-10 days depending on how dry the soil is. The plants should not be overwatered
  • Draft and Temperature: This plant does not do well with wide fluctuations in temperature. It will not do well near a drafty location (entryway or doorways) and or near an AC that blows on it.

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