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Pachira Aquatica in Matte Black Pot

Pachira Aquatica in Matte Black Pot

44.000 BD

Pachira Aquatica is also known as The Money Tree. This plant is an easy-to-care for indoor plant that would make a statement piece on a console or counter. The plant has been potted directly into a ceramic pot with a tray. 


  • Height: Approx 88 CM 
  • Plant Width: Approx 45 CM
  • Pot Height: 21 CM

Ideal For:

  • New plant owners
  • Fast growing plant

    General Care Instructions

    • Light: Money Trees thrive well in spot with indirect light. It does not need to placed in direct light but should not be tucked away in a dark corner.
    • Water: Money Trees enjoy moist soil and can tolerate a touch of overwatering. though care must be taken to ensure no stagnant water is left pooling inside the planter as this will encourage root rot. The plant can be removed from its pot to check this. 
    • Notes: The plant can be rotated each time it is watered to ensure even growth of new fronds.

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