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Pilea Glaucophylla (Trailing Plant) in Grey Pot

Pilea Glaucophylla (Trailing Plant) in Grey Pot

12.000 BD

Part of the pilea family, this is a beautiful trailing plant. The plant has been potted directly into a grey pot. It would look lovely on the edge of a shelf, or bookcase. All the vines are on one side of the pot, and the plant one-sided as shown in the image. These plants can adapt to low light areas and are fairly fast growing in the right conditions!

Pilea ... but make it mini!


  • Vine Length: Approx 20 CM (and growing!)
  • Width: Approx 20 CM
  • Height from Base of Pot to Top of Plant: 14 CM

Ideal for

  • Plant Enthusiasts/Collectors
  • New Plant Owners
  • Pet Owners

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Your Pilea will do best in a bright, indirect sunny spot in your home. Do not place your Pilea in direct sunlight as it will scorch the leaves. 
  • Water: Allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Pileas do not enjoy soggy soil. You will likely need to water more frequently in the spring and summer as the plant is growing. Typically once weekly will be required.
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