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Maranta Planter in White Pot

Maranta Planter in White Pot

32.000 BD

Maranta plant in a medium white pot. Maranta plants enjoy a humid environment and like being clustered together! The plant has been potted directly into a white ceramic pot and comes with a tray

Maranta Plants are Also Known As Prayer Plants because their Leaves will Fold Upwards and Downwards Depending on the Time of the Day!


  • Plant Height: Approx 30 CM
  • Plant Width: Approx 50 - 60 CM (These plants grow outwards rather than upwards and will continue to grow longer and wider as new shoots come along!)
  • Pot Width: 20 CM

Ideal for

  • Plant lovers ;)
  • A doting plant parent
  • Spots with low to medium light and abundant humidity

General Care Instructions

  • Light: A shaded spot is ideal. Direct sun will burn the leaves.
  • Water: Allow the top soil to dry before watering but do not let the potting medium to go completely dry. Little but often is a good watering strategy for this plant! The plant will require less water in winter versus summer. 


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