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Monstera Plant
Monstera Plant
Monstera Plant

Monstera Plant

28.000 BD

This plant has been potted directly into a white ceramic pot and comes with a tray. It is a beautiful tropical addition to any space and is more one-sided and forward facing. This listing is for the exact plant pictured.


  • Plant width: Approx 15 CM wide
  • Plant Vine: Approx 90 cm long (from pot) and growing!
  • Each plant is unique and can have a length and leaf size variation from the website image.

Ideal for

  • Moderate to medium light. The plant can tolerate low light conditions but will have slower growth. If placed in strong direct light the leaves will turn yellow and burn.

General Care Instructions

  • Light: This plant will enjoy a medium-lit spot with indirect light. It can tolerate low-light conditions.
  • Water: Do not overwater these plants. The potting medium should be dried out before the next watering. This plant will also enjoy an occasional misting.

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