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Peperomia Raindrop

Peperomia Raindrop

15.500 BD

This Peperomia plant has large saucer-like flat leaves. This plant is a semi-succulent and comes in a light pot as pictured - the plant is in its original nursery pot and is removable from the decorative vessel.

This Plants Gorgeous Leaves Would be a Show Stopping
Addition to Any Plant Collection! 


  • Plant Height: 25 cm
  • Pot Width: 20 cm

Ideal For:

  • Medium light locations
  • Plant enthusiast

    General Care Instructions

    • LightPeperomia will thrive in a medium light position but can also tolerate lower light conditions. It will not survive in a spot with no light!
    • WaterPeperomia are semi-succulent so allow the top few cms of soil to dry out between watering. Over watering can lead to fungal issues or root rot. If the leaves are drooping or curling at the edges you might need to water a little more. Try watering once a week, using just enough water to start to see some draining from the bottom of the pot. During winter, when the plant isn’t in an active growing phase you should reduce watering frequency. 

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