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Magnificent Pilea
Magnificent Pilea
Magnificent Pilea

Magnificent Pilea

65.000 BD

This Pilea planter features the plant in a dark footed pot. These plants can adapt to low light areas and are fairly fast growing in the right conditions! This listing is for the exact plant pictured. 

Pileas are known for their bright green, coin-shaped leaves and are also knows as: The UFO Plant, The Pancake Plant, and The Mirror Glass Plant


  • Height: Approx 85 CM 
  • Width: Approx 50 CM

Ideal for

  • Plant Enthusiasts/Collectors
  • New Plant Owners
  • Pet Owners

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Your Pilea will do best in a bright, indirect sunny spot in your home. Do not place your Pilea in direct sunlight as it will scorch the leaves. This plant can adapt to lower light areas, but the leaves will turn a darker green and the plant will spread out more.
  • Water: Allow the plant to dry out between waterings. Pileas do not enjoy soggy soil. You will likely need to water more frequently in the spring and summer as the plant is growing. 
  • Notes: In order to prevent your Pilea from growing lopsided, rotate it at least 2-3 times a week since it grows towards the sun.

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