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Pink Anthurium Planter in a Grey Pot

Pink Anthurium Planter in a Grey Pot

20.000 BD

A beautiful anthurium plant with pink flowers, in a grey ceramic pot (comes with a tray). Anthurium flowers will typically last for between 3-6 weeks before dying off. Even though your plant may no longer have flowers it is still healthy and may re-flower if the conditions are ideal!

Both the leaves and flowers of Anthurium plants
are heart-shaped!
Do you see it?


  • Approximately 45 CM high x 15 CM wide (pot)
  • Each plant is unique and can have a height and leaf size variation from the website image.

Ideal For

  • Humid locations
  • Doting plant parents! Some care must be given to help your Anthurium re-flower
  • Keep away from curious fur babies such as cats and/or dogs

General Care Instructions:

  • Light: Anthuriums enjoy a bright spot with diffused light. This is not a low light plant, however, it should not be placed in direct strong light as this will cause the leaves to yellow and/or burn. Optimum light is especially important if you are looking for your plant to re-flower.
  • Water: Before watering make sure the soil is barely dry to the touch--even though this plant does not enjoy drying out it also does not like to stay sopping wet or sit in water. 
  • Notes: As a tropical plant, Anthuriums enjoy the occasional mist.

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