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Sansevieria Star Canary
Sansevieria Star Canary
Sansevieria Star Canary

Sansevieria Star Canary

21.430 BD

This Sansevieria has leaves totally different from the traditional options you've seen and is a mix of lemon-lime. This stunner comes in a light ceramic pot and would fit in beautifully anywhere. The leaves are prone to natural imperfections. 

Sansevieria's are one of our fav air purifiers!


  • Approximately 25 CM High and 25 CM Wide
  • Pot width is 11 CM Wide
  • Each plant is unique and can have a slight height variation from the pictured image.
  • Expect natural imperfections on some leaves. 

Ideal For:

  • Low light areas
  • Forgetful plant water-ers!

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Sansievera plants tolerate low light conditions.
  • Water: Water your plant 1-2 times a month (yup you read right!), depending on how drafty the environment is or the time of year. Generally the plant may require more water in summer versus winter.
  • Watering Notes: The pot does not have drainage and a layer of hydroponic stones have been placed at the base. Care should be taken not to overwater. 
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