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13.500 BD

A succulent shrub with slender glaucous gray-green leaves. The plant is in its original plastic pot and removable from the square terracotta pot. When watering make sure no water is pooled in the terracotta pot.

For detailed care instructions check out our blog post on 
succulent care.

Planter Size: 20 CM high x 12 CM wide.

    General Care Instructions

    In general succulents like bright light, cool temperatures (bet you didn't know!), low humidity, and infrequent but generous watering.

    • Light: Bright indirect sunlight is best for succulents. Planters should be kept in bright indirect sunlight or filtered sunlight. Succulents will burn in direct light! These plants have a temperature tolerance of between 8-25C and will not do well outdoor in Bahrain's hot summers!
    • Water: The planters should be watered only when they feel light when lifted (usually approx 10 - 14 days between waterings). Make sure no water is pooled inside the decorative pot after watering as this will cause root rot.
    • Watering Notes: Avoid getting water on the leaves to prevent damage. Water succulents from the side.

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