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Spathiphyllum in a Black Pot

Spathiphyllum in a Black Pot

24.900 BD

Spathyphillium are easy to care for plants that tolerate a range of light conditions. This plant is also pretty forgiving about being under watered (it’s leaves will flop over in protest for water!). A NASA Study has classified the Spathyphillium plant as one of the best indoor air purifying plants. 


  • Height: Approx 58 CM 
  • Plant Width: Approx 50 CM
  • Pot Height: 20 CM

Ideal For:

  • Low light area
  • Air purifier
  • Keep out of reach of fur babies such as inquisitive cats or dogs!

    General Care Instructions

    • Light: This plant can tolerate medium to low light conditions but will not thrive in those environments and will be unlikely to re flower. And ideal location will have bright indirect light. Direct light will scorch the leaves and flowers.
    • WaterWater your plant 1-2 times a week, depending on how drafty the environment is or the time of year. Generally the plant may require more water in summer versus winter. The leaves tend to bow down when it is underwatered. Ensure the plant does not sit in water and is well drained.
    • Notes: These plants enjoy having their leaves wiped down regularly.

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