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String of Bananas
String of Bananas
String of Bananas

String of Bananas

26.500 BD

This plant is named 'String of Bananas' because its leaves look like mini Bananas! This plant has been planted directly in a decorative pot.


  • Plant width: Approx 15 CM
  • Por height: Approx 13 CM
  • Vine length: Approx 26 CM
  • Each plant is unique and can have a length and leaf size variation from the website image.

Ideal For:

  • Vine lovers!
  • Succulent lovers!!

    General Care Instructions 

    • Light: Keep your String of Bananas in bright light, with some direct sun (but not all day) to encourage leaf growth. If you notice large spaces between leaves, the chances are the plant is not getting enough light.
    • Water: The String of Bananas is a semi-succulent plant, which means it is more tolerant of dry soil than wet soil and is prone to rotting in wet soil. You should water it sparingly--if in doubt do not water! You can always add more water. We would recommend watering every 10 - 15 days depending on how drafty your home is. The top soil should be dry before watering. 

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