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Cactus in Terra Pot

Cactus in Terra Pot

14.700 BD

This is an elegant cacti plant in a terra pot. The plant is in its original nursery pot and has not been potted directly into the decorative vessel.


  • Cactus with Planter: 20 CM high x 13 CM wide

Ideal for

  • A dry/arid location
  • Infrequent waterings

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Contrary to popular belief cacti do not enjoy strong direct light as this can burn the plant. Cacti should be kept in a bright spot with indirect light.
  • Water: Cacti should be watered sparingly and infrequently! When watering give the plant about 1/2 a cup. Water your planter every 3-4 weeks or when the soil is totally and absolutely dry!

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