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Zamioculcas  - Dark Pot

Zamioculcas - Dark Pot

19.500 BD

Zamioculcas, also known as the ZZ Plant, is a hardy plant that is both low-light and drought tolerant. The plant is delivered in a ceramic dark pot with a tray.

Our pick for beginner plant parents!

Size: Approx 40 CM high and 16 CM wide

Ideal for: Low light environments, frequent travellers, beginner plant parents, or just the absent-minded folks! 

General Care Instructions

  • Light: ZZ Plants thrive in medium to low indirect light. The plant should not be exposed to direct strong light. 
  • Water: Water your plant every 2-3 weeks when the top soil is completely dry. Zamioculcas plants are succulents and have underground rhizomes that store water and therefore do not require frequent watering. The plant should never sit in water.

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