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Austrocylindropuntia Cactus Planter Trio

Austrocylindropuntia Cactus Planter Trio

12.000 BD

A collection of 3 petite and adorable colourful cactus plants, also known as Eve's needle cactus in small ceramic pots. The plants are in their existing plastic pots and these have been placed directly into the ceramic pots. The flowers shown are dried flowers added to the plants, and are not originally part of the plant - this gives your cactus a flowering look year round!


  • Approximately 15 CM high x 6 CM wide

Ideal For:

  • Cactus and succulent enthusiasts
  • Beware! This plant may have small fuzzy growth that can still be prickly! Handle with care and keep away from curious little humans!

    General Care Instructions

    • Light: Opuntia cactus enjoys bright direct sunlight and a warm location.
    • WaterWater your Opuntia cactus deeply, but infrequently. To discourage rot, allow the soil to dry at least 5cm deep between waterings. Water about every 3 weeks and even more sparingly during the winter. Take care to make sure no water has pooled at the bottom of the pot when watering.
    • Tip: Use gloves or a triple-folded dish cloth if you ever need to handle your cacti! Even small 
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