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Dracaena Ulises
Dracaena Ulises
Dracaena Ulises
Dracaena Ulises

Dracaena Ulises

60.000 BD

The Dracaenea plant features variegated leaves  and is a beautiful and chic addition to a plant lovers collection! The plant is in its original nursery pot and removable from the black ceramic pot to allow for drainage.  Note there are may be imperfections on some leaves.


  • Plant Height: Approx 100 cm
  • Pot Width: Approx 27 CM

Ideal for

  • Plant lovers ;)
  • Minimalists
  • Can tolerate spots with low to medium light

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Medium to low light levels are tolerable, although the plant will do well in medium indirect sunlight.
  • Water: Allow the top soil to dry before watering but do not let the potting medium to go completely dry. Infrequent watering (about once a week) is ideal for this plant. The plant will not tolerate overwatered soil. 

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