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Ficus Cyathistipula

Ficus Cyathistipula

52.000 BD


  • Approximately 135 CM high x 45 CM wide
  • This listing is for the exact plant in the images.

Ideal For:

  • Warm and humid locations
  • Plant enthusiasts! 

    General Care Instructions

    • Light: This ficus will do best in a bright, warm spot. The plant should not receive excessive direct sunlight as this may scorch the leaves. If the plant is against a wall, regular rotation will allow all sides of the plant to receive even sunlight and promote even growth.
    • Water: This plant enjoys moist soil, though it can tolerate slight under-watering. Aim to keep the soil lightly moist with frequent but sparing waterings. Overwatering will be worse than allowing the soil to dry out slightly.
    • Location: Once this ficus is happily situated, refrain from moving it frequently! Do not place your plant near any drafty locations, the plant prefers an even temperature throughout the day.
    • Pruning and MaintenanceRemove yellow or dying leaves, and plant debris to encourage better-growing conditions. While pruning, always use clean scissors or shears to reduce the chance of bacterial and fungal diseases. Never cut through yellowed tissue as this may cause further damage in the likes of diseases or bacterial infections. Remember to make clean incisions as too-damaged wounds may shock the plant, causing weakened growth and a decline in health.

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