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Ficus Ginseng (Bonsai)

Ficus Ginseng (Bonsai)

27.700 BD

Add a touch of zen to your space with this ficus ginseng plant that comes in a handmade cream colored pot. The plant is in its original nursery pot and is removable from the decorative pot.

The ficus genus belongs to the family of mulberry plants and is a popular indoor tree species for beginner Bonsai parents!


  • Plant Height: 32 CM
  • Plant Width: 15 CM 

Ideal for

  • Bright light. The plant should not be placed in direct light.
  • Doting plant parent!

General Care Instructions

  • Light: A bright spot with a constant temperature.
  • Water: The potting medium should be kept moist. Watering is to be increased in summer and reduced in winter. 

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