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Dracaena Compacta in a Glossy Black Pot

Dracaena Compacta in a Glossy Black Pot

21.000 BD

The Dracaenea plant is a beautiful and chic addition to a plant lovers collection! The plant is delivered as pictured in a black ceramic pot and tray. Note there are may be imperfections on some leaves.


  • Height: Approx 40 CM 
  • Plant Width: Approx 30 CM
  • Pot Height: 20 CM


Ideal for

  • Plant lovers ;)
  • Minimalists
  • Can tolerate spots with low to medium light

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Medium to low light levels are tolerable, although the plant will do well in medium indirect sunlight.
  • Water: Allow the top soil to dry before watering but do not let the potting medium to go completely dry. Infrequent watering (about once a week) is ideal for this plant. The plant will not tolerate overwatered soil. 

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