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Jewel Red Anthurium
Jewel Red Anthurium
Jewel Red Anthurium

Jewel Red Anthurium

19.700 BD

A beautiful anthurium plant with red flowers, in a white pot. 

Anthurium flowers will typically last for between 3-6 weeks before dying off. Even though your plant may no longer have flowers it is still healthy and may re-flower if the conditions are ideal!

Both the leaves and flowers of Anthurium plants
are heart-shaped!
Do you see it?


  • Approximately 40 CM high x 15 CM wide x 12 CM pot width
  • Each plant is unique and can have a height and leaf size variation from the website image.

Ideal For

  • Humid locations
  • Doting plant parents! Some care must be given to help your Anthurium re-flower
  • Keep away from curious fur babies such as cats and/or dogs

General Care Instructions:

  • Light: Anthuriums enjoy a bright spot with diffused light. This is not a low light plant, however, it should not be placed in direct strong light as this will cause the leaves to yellow and/or burn. Optimum light is especially important if you are looking for your plant to re-flower.
  • Water: Water your plant throughly but do not allow it to sit in water that has collected in the tray. Before watering make sure the soil is barely dry to the touch--even though this plant does not enjoy drying out it also does not like to stay sopping wet or sit in water. 
  • Notes: As a tropical plant, Anthuriums enjoy the occasional mist
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