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Sansevieria Moonshine

Sansevieria Moonshine

63.500 BD

This Sansevieria has leaves totally different from the traditional options you've seen. This plants comes in a decorative ceramic creamy white pot. Please keep in mind that some of the edges have natural imperfections!

We are obsessed with the almost iridescent leaves of 
Sansevieria Moonshine and it is a great air purifier! 


  • Approximately 50 CM High and 51 CM Wide
  • Each plant is unique and can have a slight height variation from the pictured image.

Ideal For:

  • Low light areas
  • Forgetful plant water-ers!

General Care Instructions

  • Light: Sansevieria plants tolerate low light conditions.
  • Water: Water your plant 1-2 times a month (yup you read right!), depending on how drafty the environment is or the time of year. Generally the plant may require more water in summer versus winter.

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