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25.500 BD

Schismatoglottis is an elegant addition to your plants collection. This plant have gorgeous and unique leaves and low maintenance requirements. The plant is in its original nursery pot and is removable from the concrete pot.


  • Plant Size: Approximately 37 CM high x 30 CM wide

Ideal For:

  • Plant enthusiasts
  • Variegated foliage adds a distinctive look to your home all year long. 
  • Excellent for homes and offices. 

    General Care Instructions

    • Light: Schismatoglottis enjoys bright indirect light, which means filtered natural light. It grows naturally in tropical forests under big tree canopies, so it's used to receive dappled light through the big tree’s leaves.
    • Water: As a tropical houseplant, it enjoys moist soil but not waterlogged. Always check the soil before watering it again! Water only when the top layer of soil has dried out, and be sure to empty excess water from the pot or saucer to avoid “wet feet”.
    • Notes: Place your Schismatoglottis near a window that receives bright but indirect light, like a north or east-facing window. A few hours of morning or evening sunlight is fine but avoid the harsh afternoon sun.

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