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Sword Fern in Decorative Pot

Sword Fern in Decorative Pot

16.300 BD

Neprolepis fern has graceful, arching, green fronds with a ruffled appearance that is best displayed in a hanging basket or on a stand where it can cascade over the edge. The plant is in its original nursery pot and removable from the decorative ceramic pot.

Neprolepis Ferns are also known as Sword Ferns or Boston Ferns!


  • Plant: approx. 30 cm Height, 25 cm Wide
  • Pot: 13 cm in height

Ideal for: 

  • Humid environment
  • Pet friendly!

General Care Instructions

  • Light: All ferns enjoy medium to bright, indirect light. Do not expose to direct sun as this will burn the leaves very quickly!
  • Water: Water when the first top 2-3cm of soil feels barely moist. Avoid the plant drying out as it may not recover!

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